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Existing 25kip aluminum shoring system with washer and wing nut screw jack was “virtually impossible to adjust by hand under load”.  “In most cases a hammer was used to turn the nut.”  The Ellis MFG Co.’s patented Thrust Bearing Screw Jack Assembly was applied and is estimated to save 5 minutes per shore adjustment while increasing the lifting capacity of the shoring system by 10x.

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The New Ellis MFG Concrete Column Form Designer

Over the last few years we have received more and more request from customers looking for spacing and form design data for Ellis MFG Concrete Column Forming Clamps.  We have been listening and take notes and for the last few months we have been designing and building from the ground up a brand new system.

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History Flight Recovery of WW II U.S. Marines and Navy Corpmen on Tarawa

A group of men and women, some on their own dime went to Tarawa to search and recover missing and unaccounted for WW II service men. Most were entombed under several feet of a concrete building. More were recovered than anticipated which is totally awesome!

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How to Use Screw Jacks & Steel Shores to Level Floors

Ellis Steel Shores are a fast and safe way to re-level and support sagging floor joists in residential applications. The Ellis Steel Shores are available in many different heights with various lengths of screw adjustment. They are available with or without thrust bearings in the adjustment nut. The purpose of the bearings is to reduce friction when making adjustment under load and making it easier to jack weight.

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