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Adjustable Structural Supports Since 1951.

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Ellis Manufacturing Company has been a leading manufacturer of construction materials since 1951. Having a primary focus on shoring equipment for commercial and residential construction, while also offering a wide range of fall protection and formwork solutions. Ellis MFG Co. is dedicated to providing unbeatable quality, affordability, and customer service. Ellis MFG Co. is a privately held company based in Oklahoma City, OK.


We believe our first responsibility is to provide the construction, search & rescue, and mining industries with quality shoring materials, methods, and other accessories that are helpful to these specific industries at an affordable price. We consider customer service to be of up most importance and strive to meet our customers every need.

Ellis products and methods are intended to help contractors and firemen quickly, safely, and economically temporarily or permanently reinforce vertically suspended structures such as concrete buildings or the inside of mines. However, these products are not limited to the use of vertical applications but are also intended to be used in horizontal reinforcement situations as well; for instance, horizontal support for the walls inside of trenches. Our products are utilized by contractors and fire departments in all 50 states and many other parts of the world as well.

Ellis Manufacturing Co., Inc. is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We are able to serve our customers directly from this facility as well as through a large network of distributors throughout the United States and other parts of the world. Please call or email (1-800-654-8311 / Email Us).


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Ellis Manufacturing Co., Inc.
4803 N Cooper Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Phone: (800) 654-8311
Fax: (405) 528-1796

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