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The New Ellis MFG Concrete Column Form Designer

Over the last few years we have received more and more request from customers looking for spacing and form design data for Ellis MFG Concrete Column Forming Clamps.  We have been listening and taking notes and for the last few months we have been designing and building from the ground up a brand new system.   I am excited to announce today that we are releasing a completely new web based Column Form Designer.

This new concrete column form design tool has been specifically designed to be use with Ellis MFG Column Forming Clamps.  It is loaded with features and very easy to use.  Start by entering the desired concrete column height width and depth.  Once the size of the column has been entered the app will select a recommend Ellis MFG Scissor Clamp to use when forming.  In many cases there will be multiple Ellis MFG Column Clamps that can be used, if the user would like to generate forming data with an alternate column clamp size they can be selected from the dropdown. 

After the size of the column and the clamp have been selected the user can then choose to generate the column form design data or continue editing the configuration.  The advanced section of the app can be expand and additional options are available for configuring the concrete the panel and the lumber of the column form.  For example if the user would like to use 2x6's in place of 2x4 studs that is an option or increse the unit weight of the concrete from 150 to 170 that is also an option.  In total there are 12 advanced configurations that can be changed.

Once all configurations have been set for the desired column the user can then click "Get Form Data".  This will generate an on screen view of the results including the forming material, number of clamps, and spacing of the clamps.  The user can continue to alter the configuration until the desired form is displayed.  This data can then be saved to the users computer as a PDF by clicking the "Download PDF" button.  


Ellis Manufacturing Co. Concrete Column Form Output Sample

 We hope that this tool will help you design and build Ellis MFG column forms more efficiently than ever before.  If you have questions or comments please leave them below.

Check out the Ellis MFG Concrete Column Form Designer here.

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