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History Flight Recovery of WW II U.S. Marines and Navy Corpmen on Tarawa

A group of men and women, some on their own dime went to Tarawa to search and recover missing and unaccounted for WW II service men. Most were entombed under several feet of a concrete building. More were recovered than anticipated which is totally awesome!

None the less our shoring and bracing devices served well during this heroic rescue mission. Our men fought valiantly and destroyed many Japanese tanks, military vehicle and the like, as many are still there.

We at Ellis Manufacturing are SO VERY VERY PROUD to have played such a small part in this valuable heroic rescue mission. We did help families of WW II war Heros find some peace, solace and closure.

Our founder L.S. "Gunna" Holmboe Jr., being a Navy pilot is looking down and saluting with PRIDE!!!

Read more on USA Today :

All pictures curtesy of Patrick Hughes

History Flight Recovery - Tarawa - Patrick J Hughes

History Flight Recovery - Tarawa - Ellis Manufacturing Co. Steel Shores

History Flight Recovery with Ellis Manufacturing Steel Shores - Tarawa

History Flight Recovery - Ellis Manufacturing Co. STL-10HD

History Flight Recovery - Tarawa - Ellis Manufacturing Co. Heavy Duty Steel Shores

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