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Ellis Manufacturing Co. Joist Holders are the best way to secure 4x4 or 6x6 nominal posts to 2x joists.  Ellis Joist Holders come accommodate single 2x joists, double 2x joists, or triple 2x joists. Stabilize joists.

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Single 2x6

4 lb



Double 2x6

4 lb



Triple 2x6

4.5 lb



Single 2x6

8 lb



Double 2x6

8 lb



Triple 2x6

8 lb



Quadruple 2x6

5 lb



Quadruple 2x6

9 lb


Product Overview

Excellent when used to secure 4x4 or 6x6 post to joist in crawl space under houses.  "U" shaped bracket on top fits any 2x joist / beam to create extreme lateral support. Square tube on bottom allows 4x4 or 6x6 shore lumber to fit securely. Use 1" screws to secure through any of 12 screw holes.

If you are looking to support 4x4 or 4x6 beams see the Ellis Manufacturing Beam Holder.


Below are detailed diagrams of each Ellis Joist Holder or "saddle" and a detailed drawing of each Joist Holder in use.  All "in use" drawings show the use of Ellis 4x4 Screw Jacks or Ellis 6x6 Screw Jacks.

Joist Holder (JH-4)
Ellis MFG JH-4 Joist Holder for 4x4 post

Double Joist Holder 4x4 (JHD-4)

Ellis MFG double joist holder for 4x4 post JHD-4

Triple Joist Holder 4x4 (JHT-4)

Ellis MFG triple joist holder for 4x4 post JHT-4

Joist Holder 6x6 (JH-6)

Ellis MFG Joist Holder for 6x6 post JH-6

Double Joist Holder 6x6 (JHD-6)

Ellis MFG Double Joist Holder for 6x6 post JHD-6

Triple Joist Holder 6x6 (JHT-6)

Ellis MFG JHT-6 Triple Joist Holder for 6x6 Post

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