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Adjustable Structural Supports Since 1951.

Light Duty Steel Shores / Jack Post

per STL-13
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The Light Duty Steel Shore is an adjustable support jack for temporary or permanent support. With up to 20,000 lbs of safe load capacity the Light Duty Steel Shore is a perfect solution for sagging floors, foundation issues, stabilize joist, additional support in crawl spaces, attics, ceilings, decks, staircases, wood, steel, concrete beams and slabs.  

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Item #

range of adjustment

safe load capacity




13" to 17"

20,000 Lbs.

18 lb



19" to 27"

18,000 Lbs.

21 lb



23" to 35"

16,000 Lbs.

23 lb



37" to 61"

12,000 Lbs.

31 lb



61" to 85"

8,000 Lbs.

38 lb



85" to 109"

5,000 Lbs.

44 lb



109" to 133"

3,000 Lbs.

52 lb


Product Overview

Simply turn the wing nut to adjust the height. Once the desired height has been reached use a 6mm Allen wrench to tighten the set screw located on the side of the wing nut. This will lock the wing nut into place to keep the shore from further adjustment.

Ellis Jack Post in house crawl spaceWing Nut - Forged for durability, galvanized, 8.75" Long. Lockable with safety lock set screw (included) for permanent use.

Top Plate - 3/8x6x6" Steel Plate, 4- 3/8" holes (Attaches with clevis pin and Interchangeable with custom U Heads.) See below for more adjustable top plate options.

Base Plate - 3/8"x6" x6", 4- 3/8" Holes (welded to 2" Sched. 40 Pipe). Custom sizes available

Acme Screw - 1-7/8" Dia. (Lengths vary).

Pipe - 2" Sced. 40 (Lengths vary).

*All Load Capacities include a 2.5 to 1 Factor of Safety. 

This product will not resist uplift. In the animation below notice how the screw drops into the pipe and the wing nut rests directly on the edges of the pipe where no positive connection between the pipe and bottom side of the wing nut is made. If uplift resistance is needed, please see the Light Duty Steel Shores WITH BEARINGS and Heavy Duty Steel Shores.

*Steel Shores should be attached to a flat solid foundation. Steel Shores should not be subject to any lateral force. Steel Shore should be used to support straight vertical loads only. We recommend tightening set screw in the side of the wing nut with 6mm allen wrench prior to loading.  Do not extend screw past advertised adjustment range.  Consult with engineer before use.Before construction begins it is recommended that you consult with a certified engineer for approval of our products within your application.


Cut sheet

Shop Drawings and CAD Blocks:

Interchangeable Top Plate Options:

  • Flat Plate - Standard with any Light Duty Steel Shore
  • Lumber U-Head - Compatible with Light Duty Steel Shores and is intended to be used to secure to a horizontal 2x4, 2x6, 4x4, 4x8, 6x6 etc. lumber beam.
  • Pivot Flat Plate  - This 6" square plate is intended to secure your Light Duty Steel Shore to a beam being supported and will pivot up to 45 degrees.  This product fits on Light Duty Steel Shores only.
  • Custom Top Plate shapes and sizes specific to Light Duty Steel Shores upon request (800) 654-8311 or

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