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Slip-On Guardrail Bracket

per SGB-4

The Ellis Slip-On Guardrail Bracket is the most cost efficient way to add fall protection to 4x6 stringers or 4x4 joists. Slip the bracket on to existing stringer and fasten into place with nails add railing.

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Product Overview

This guard rail bracket will slip onto a 4x6 stringers  or can be turned over to fit 4x4 joists.  To correctly install (as pictured in the drawing above), nail the Guardrail Bracket in position so the intended force is pushing in an opposite direction of the steel bar stop attached to purlin or joist.  Then drop in a 4x4 post and secure it with nails through the holes in the tubing.  Lastly, nail 2x4 horizontal rails on 4x4 post at preferred heights.

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Material: 4”x4”x6” square tubing  ¼” x 1” flat bar
Description: Fits 4x4 posts and 4x6 or 4x4 stringers or joists

Ellis Manufacturing Co. Slip-On Guardrail Bracket SGB-4

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