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How to use Ellis Shore Clamps

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The Quick and easy way to create a totally adjustable shore with 2 pieces of lumber!

1. Lumber length:
First, get the proper length lumber to make an Ellis Shore of the desired height – that being a 5', 6', or 7’ lower shore member and an upper shore member long enough to achieve desired height plus enough length for 24" of overlap.

2.  Attach castings to lower member:
Attach two Ellis clamps to the lower shore member 12" apart C to C and 2" from the top with 4 duplex nails through the holes in each casting.

3:  Adjust shore to desired height:
Slide the upper shore member along side the lower shore member through the clamps until the desired height is achieved.  Final adjustments should be made with an Ellis Jack Wrench. 

4:  Secure Castings (pictured below):
After the desired height is obtained, the clamps on the upper shore should be tapped down (a hammer lug is provided on the casting) to seat them. 

B. A safety nail should be  driven into the upper shore member above each of the two castings. This nail does not support any load, but simply keeps the clamps from vibrating loose.

How to Use Ellis Shores

5.  Lowering an Ellis shore is SIMPLE (pictured above):
After removing the safety nails from the upper member only, loosen each casting by tapping them up one at a time.  The Ellis shore will most likely lower slightly during this step.
D. For fast lowering use a hammer to lift both castings simultaneously.  If done correctly the upper member will drop VERY QUICKLY, so be careful to move your feet out of the way!

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