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Concrete Wall / Column Brace With Bent Plate

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The Ellis Wall Brace's primary use is for concrete form support. Align concrete forms for walls, columns or beams easily with Ellis Coil Type Wall Braces.

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8 lb


Product Overview

The Ellis Wall Braces can be attached quickly to the top or bottom end of a 2x4 brace to secure forms during pouring.  The rolled corner of the angle iron allows the Ellis Wall Brace to fit snug against the 2x4 lumber thus providing increased strength to the brace.  Bracing and alignment are fast and sure with Ellis Wall Braces.  

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  • 1" self-cleaning coil threads with 6" adjustment.
  • Standard 45 degree angle end will accept 3/4" -7/8" diameter stake.
  • 2" long welds insure strength.
  • Weight is 8 lbs. each.Wall Braced Used For Wall Form Support


Wall Brace Coil Type - Ellis Manufacturing Co. (WB)

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