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per TH-4

Less Nailing! Safeguard Against Racking! Think of the money you can save by switching to Ellis T-Heads and using Ellis Methods on purlin assemblies, beam forms, etc.! If you have been using conventional heads, you can eliminate – per average head – driving about 25 nails, making 6 saw cuts, and ruining 6 or 7 lineal feet of 1x4 or 1x6. And you can get hundreds of re-uses!

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This product is made to fit 4x4 Ellis Shores only. 4x4’s or 4x6’s can be used for T member.

The Ellis T-Head makes this economy possible. Attached to the top of an upper shore member, the T-Head is used either (1) to splice purlins / stringers, or (2) joined to a 3’ or 4’ 4x4 at the center to make a tee-shore.


MATERIAL: 11 Gauge, 4” square tubing welded to 3/16” flat stock (formed)
SIZE: 4”x4”x5” tubing; channel 12” long to fit 4x4 or 4x6.


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