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Reshore Spring

per RSP-1

Keeping your shore tight against any slab is made easy during reshoring with Ellis Reshore Springs.  Hold it in place for as long as you want to.  Made in the USA.

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3.5" x 5"

0.19 lb


Product Overview

Keep those reshores in place with the Ellis MFG Reshore Spring!  Just one nail hole is needed to secure the reshore spring to your shore tops. Although 200 lbs compresses each reshore spring flat, it returns to its original shape to be used again and again.  MADE IN THE USA.

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All Ellis MFG RSP-1 Reshore Springs now come with a new super durable and corrosion resistant coating to make them work better and last longer.  This new coating is a multi step, multi layer 'Cross-linking' epoxy that prevents the coating from chipping or peeling and prevents corrosion from 'creeping' under the coating.  Keep your Ellis Reshores in place longer with the new ultra durable Ellis Reshore Spring.

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