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Parapet Wall Temporary Guardrails

per GRS-P12A
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The Ellis MFG non-penetrating temporary Parapet Wall Guardrail System is affordable, fast, safe, and strong.  Also known as "Wall Grabbers™" they quickly adjust to fit parapet walls up to 12" (GRS-P12) or up to 24" (GRS-P24). Use 2x4’s, 2x6’s or cable for rails. 8' MAXIMUM SPACING.

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12" Adj

23 lb



24" Adj

30 lb


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Ellis Parapet Wall Guardrail Benefits

Ellis Parapet Guardrail with adjustable handrail brackets, clamps to parapet walls up to 24" wide.

Easily and quickly adjusts with the handle to clamp to the top of walls up to 12" (GRS-P12) or 24" (GRS-P24). Holes provided in handle for quick adjustment with small screw driver. Wrench adjustment is optional. Only 20 ft. Lbs. of torque required to attach to a concrete parapet wall. Pictured right.

Constructed with 5/8” Acme Screw inside for firm grip and clamp on to the wall. Will withstand horizontal loads in excess of 250 lbs.

Meets and exceeds OSHA load capacity standards. Manufactured with quality welds and durable steel. Also, to insure railing heights meet OSHA regulations, our Parapet Guardrail has been designed with handrail brackets that are adjustable in 3" increments and can be placed 12" to 45" above the parapet wall.  Simply remove the rail bracket clevis pin and slide rail bracket to the appropriate height above the working surface.

Like all Ellis Manufacturing Products, this one is built to last and only requires a minimal investment.

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