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Rotting Foundation Posts On Cabin Porch

Sinking Cabin Support Posts on cabin

Rotting Posts on Cabin Support With Ellis MFG Steel Shores

Joist Support on old cabin With Ellis MFG Steel Shores

Porch Floor Support on Cabin - Ellis MFG Steel Shores

A Note From The Customer
"My 28’ x 28’ cabin, built in 2004, is mounted on 6” x 6” PT posts. Recently, I noticed the posts which support an 8’ x 28’ porch, have begun to rot at the base.

I looked for a solution to supporting the porch without having to remove and replace the posts.

I constructed a “header” made from two, 2”x6” with 1⁄2” plywood in-between. I mounted this perpendicular to the porch floor joists and secured with hangers.

I then built “footers” consisting of a 2’ square base of gravel, 6+” thick, with solid concrete blocks on top.

Finally, using Ellis MFG Light-Duty Steel Shores with Lumber U-Heads, I was able to shore the porch and take the weight (and my worries) off the rotting posts.

I chose this as the best option for me as these steel shores are rated for “secondary support”. The design allows me to periodically “tighten” up (without tools) the shores to the header."

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